Hi, I'm Albiona! Here is a little about me in bullets :)

I've worked with children and families for 20+ years.

I'm a parenting coach and a pediactric speech therapist working with neruordivergent learners.

I offer 1:1 parenting programs and group coaching.

I author a weekly newsletter called, Parenting Skimmed, 10 sentences to help you parent and live a better life (It's for the parent who doesn't have time to read).

I created a resource for parents called The Parenting Reframe.

I love learning, being wrong and trying again. I'm lover of life, and constantly curious.

Whether I'm writing, hosting my podcast, or working 1:1 with a parent, my intention is the same, to create a safe space where parents feel seen, heard and supported.

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Albiona M. Rakipi

Albiona M. Rakipi

Parenting coach, writer, podcast host (The Parenting Reframe), pediatric SLP, learn more at theparentingreframe.com.