A love letter to women but especially my daughter.

I spent most of my life following a script. I would rarely color outside the lines out of fear of upsetting others. Acceptance and approval were at the forefront of my thoughts and decisions. And then one day, I couldn’t.

I was exhausted and tired by the demands of a…

It’s surprisingly simple.

A while back, I was listening to author Elise Loehnen interview Dr. Bill Bengston on the Goop podcast. They were discussing the unique ways in which he helps his patients heal. Some would consider his methods unconventional. When Elise asked how he feels when he presents his findings to the…

Albiona M. Rakipi

Writer, 20+ years of experience working with children, founder of kiddosandinsights.com. Top writer in parenting. Subscribe to her newsletter Parenting Skimmed.

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